Hold Cops Accountable

Statement: 6/04/20

Whereas: The Lincoln Police Department recognizes the value and dignity of all people in the Lincoln community and recognizes the right of every voice to be heard.  As such, LPD will attend and be engaged with community members at a monthly event titled “Hold Cops Accountable” (HCA) that will be facilitated by the HCA committee in a “town hall” meeting at the Malone Center.  This monthly meeting will serve as an outlet for community members to publicly voice displeasure, compliments, complaints, concerns, or commendations concerning the Lincoln Police Department.

Whereas: The HCA committee will be composed of Malone Center employees, community group members, local area law enforcement officials, and members of the Mayor’s Multicultural Advisory Committee.  The HCA committee will organize, facilitate, and maintain a public record of the monthly meetings.  Although the HCA will not investigate complaints or misconduct, the HCA will provide any person who communicates a concern or grievance the opportunity to file a formal complaint with the Lincoln Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit.  All complaints will be investigated according to LPD’s publicly available General Order 1430 (https://www.lincoln.ne.gov/city/police/info/genorders/1430.pdf).  The HCA committee’s overarching goal is to work for the justice of the community members that the Lincoln Police Department has sworn to protect and serve.

Whereas: The HCA will document and maintain a public record of the meetings.  This record will help inform the Lincoln Police Department’s training, policies, and procedures, especially those related to fair and impartial policing, cultural competency, and policing strategies.  The stories told by community members during these meeting will serve as educational “touchstones” that will be taught in LPD’s academy and annual in-service.

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